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The idea is simple enough: The CSA, France's national media watchdog, launches a two-week 'official' campaign period leading up to the first round of the election, during which all ten candidates are entitled to equal air-time on radio and television. This theoretically ensures that 'smaller' candidates from fringe political parties receive their share of media coverage, and prevents any one candidate from occupying a disproportionate amount of media attention by monopolizing air-time.
The official campaign period also enforces each municipality to set up public billboards, displaying the official campaign poster of each of the ten candidates, in front of establishments serving as future polling-stations come election day.
All around the country, the very same ten posters are displayed in the exact same numeric order - though the order itself was decided at random to ensure fairness. Below are all ten posters in the order in which they appear:

There is just one issue. A large portion of polling stations around the country are public buildings requisitioned on election Sunday to serve as voting centers - many of which are schools. Unsurprisingly, students armed to the teeth with marker pens, faced with ten giant middle-aged faces displayed on poster literally presented to them on silver trays, with two full weeks to think up insults, ends with some interesting results...




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